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    Survivor 21 - SPOILERS


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    Survivor 21 - SPOILERS

    Mensaje  Jadc4495 el Jue Ene 28, 2010 9:34 pm

    Bueno, he leido que la temporada 21 de Survivor sera en Nicaragua y la 22 tambien sera en este mismo pais. Se hara como la season 19 y 20 que fueron continuadas. Otro spoiler dice que se viene un 2nd Chances...

    Aqui la fuente de donde lo lei:

    Nicaragua is the next location, for Season 21, after Heroes vs Villains (which, as you all know already, took advantage of the existing infrastructure from Survivor: Samoa, since they were basically filmed back-to-back).

    Maybe it's already been reported on elsewhere online, but I hadn't seen mention of Nicaragua here on TwoP yet. Maybe I can claim a "You heard it here first, folks", but let me know if you guys heard it elsewhere already (with source).

    My folks were on vacation in [censored] and met someone who has worked on the crew (I almost wrote where they were on vacation, but I realized it could get this crew member in shit if anyone from CBS sees this or gets wind of the spoiled location). Anyway, this crew member talked about how if the production on Season 20 hadn't wrapped when it did, a few days later the Samoan earthquake/tsunami would've wiped out the merged tribe's beach without enough warning to get them and some of the crew away and they would've likely died (this may've already been reported on--I know for sure the "close call" aspect has been mentioned, it's on Survivor 20's wiki, but I don't know if the severity/the near-miss potential of it has been stressed in the media). The Nicaragua thing was overheard. The crew member asked that they please keep it quiet. Dad told me it was confidential, but oh well, I don't work in TV, I'm spoiling it (I wouldn't spoil, say, the ending of a favorite well-written drama or anything like that, I normally hate spoilers, but this is just a location spoiler for a reality TV series).

    At least we get to go to Central America, instead of yet another South-Pacific location (beautiful as they are). I'm with everyone else in wanting a cold weather location too though (somewhere in Canada! And somehow allowing Canadians the chance to get in, or do a "USA vs. Canada" or "North America!" edition or something along those lines).


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    Re: Survivor 21 - SPOILERS

    Mensaje  feryac el Mar Feb 02, 2010 2:41 am

    es seguro que las temporadas 21 y 22 seran back to back... la locacion pues ya lo has dicho es la que ha estado sonando, asi como varios ex-castways han mencionado cosas que parecen confirmar lo de segundas oportunidades

    jhon locke

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    Re: Survivor 21 - SPOILERS

    Mensaje  jhon locke el Lun Mar 22, 2010 7:38 am

    al parecer la 21 sera con nuevos concursantes y la 22 de 2nd chances yo ya estoy haciendo mi lista jeje

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    Re: Survivor 21 - SPOILERS

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